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Association of Yeshua Tech Alumni

The alumni association is an association of graduates of formal students. It is a Not-For-Profit organisation. It often organises social events, publishes newsletters or magazines and raise funds for the institute.

The membership of the Yeshua Tech Alumni Association (YAA) includes not only formal students but also non-graduates who desire to connect with the institute. These may be graduates of other universities and therefore will be regarded as honorary members of the YAA after passing an interview.

The YAA is organised into chapters by city, region or country. The purpose of the YAA is to support Yeshua Tech's goals and to strengthen the bond between the Alumni and the institute. The Alumni Relations Office is headed by the Alumni Overseer. The overseer moderates the annual meetings of the YAA in July on the afternoon of the homecoming. The YAA Board of Regents hold two slated meetings each year.

There is a General Secretary who is associated by a press secretary. The Press Secretary, as the key point of contact, is required to be:

  • be in regular communication with Yeshua Tech Administration
  • be responsible for circulating the details of events and other significant organisation news to the alumni via email list or at meetings.
  • give email address to newly registered members of the YAA.

The YAA helps alumni connect with fellow graduates through:

  • continuing education programmes
  • alumni events (Homecoming)
  • online services
  • societal activities (Habbys, Jerrys, Nehhys and GradSoc)

Functions of the YAA

  • Foster a sense of Yeshua Tech community
  • Have fun events, educational and informative events
  • Reconnect people to Yeshua
  • Try to give back to Yeshua Tech
  • Help promote Yeshua Tech locally
  • Provide funding for Yeshua Tech Green Campus building project
  • Solicit funding for a Yeshua Tech scholarship scheme
  • Keep in touch with Yeshua Tech constantly
  • Facilitate the awareness of Yeshua Tech in local communities and promote interaction among Yeshua Tech graduates.
  • Interview prospective students
  • Assist Yeshua Tech in attracting the most talented students to the institute.
  • Assist Yeshua Tech new graduates in their search for employment through the Career Advisory Service.
  • Assist senior (final year) students with relevant topics for their final projects or thesis.
  • Assist students in finding internship locations.
  • Build networks with business partners, customers and clients among the members of the Alumni.
  • Administer the following awards: the YAA Award and the Yeshua Tech Medal

Association of Yeshua Tech Alumni

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