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Homecoming (Association Day or "A-Day")

Homecoming is a tradition of welcoming back alumni of our university. It includes activities for current students, prospective students and alumni, such as sports, culture events, photo parties and fruit party decoration competition, mushroom tasting, and a parade through the streets, cleaning exercise, flash mobs in shopping centres, etc, teach Alumni children simple tech.

Our homecoming event occurs on July 1. The Chancellor of the university (or his representative) delivers a ten minute speech to appreciate university and country. The Alumni Overseer elect of the Yeshua Alumni Association also delivers a speech outlining his or her strategy for the year. The following years Organizer of Homecoming is appointed. Awards are given. The Homecoming Cake made of breadfruit and wheat flour will be shared and tasted by all.

All students are required to wear clothing with the university's name. There will be society social meeting. New university staff members are introduced.

The homecoming event is to:

  1. Bring old students back home to meet friends and mates.
  2. Forge a strong relationship between the alumni and students in the final year of their study.
  3. Build business network among alumni members.
  4. Help students in the final year and fresh graduates find jobs.
  5. Create opportunity for fundraising.
  6. Establish Award schemes and staff (eg. honours, scholarships) for students.
  7. Publicise the university and recruit new students.
  8. Elect new Alumni Officers
  9. Have exciting competitions, debates, concerts (soccer, fruit party competition, photo exhibitions, science and Technology exhibitions, etc)

Competition is between the societies of the university, namely, Nehemiah (undergraduate), Jeremiah (undergraduate), Habakkuk (undergraduate) and GradSoc (Graduate). Societies compete on fruit party decorations. Engineering students showcase their projects and inventions.

Gallery (Homecoming 2015)

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